Spiritual Quantum Physics – The World Is Your Mind

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The Age of Aquarius gave us the spiritual laws of quantum physics. These laws are rules that require people to coordinate and earn a living over the next 2,000 years. It is the age of the spirit.

Respect them and you will be as protected as in the little bag of God. Ignore them and welcome confusion in your life. If you do not use your mind, you will be caught by someone else’s brain.

Your reality is your psyche. Your reality is not just the physical objects you see around you. These are just the appearances of what you hold in your psyche. If you do not like what you have gathered around you, take the responsibility of your mind and change it.

For the most part, we are singular spirits who “looked” at the Spirit of God. We are little pieces of the Spirit of God. The psyche is the most important human reality. There is no other.

Another way to express this is to say that we are synapses in the mind of God. Man is a special synapse through which the Spirit of God communicates his consciousness. The development of knowledge is the main motivation of humanity.

Having a conscious encounter on the physical level means paying close attention to the life that unfolds and preventing it from dreaming.

To put it in a nutshell, knowingly living must know the NOW!

We should wake up to the fascination that realism has exerted on us. Such several impressions, an excessive number of sources of information; an excessive number of interruptions, an excessive number of disturbances that reach our brain.

We have to repeat direct mental encounters without external impedances. Direct mental experience is a state in which striking familiarity with life through an occasion is associated with an “instinctive” direct understanding of the intrinsic meaning of opportunities.

This implies that if you can calm your psyche (be calm and realize that you are God!) Enough Enough, you will know why you have used this opportunity in your life, what does it mean to you and what is it? you should move.

Stop the TV, the constant illogical chatter of the day, and bypass the psychological barrier of shopping malls. Throw the phone away.

Since your reality is your mind, try putting it away. Get the trash back. Why? Because your brain involves the individuals, the spots, and the possibilities that make up your physical reality.

It is your psychic encounters (not your physical encounters) or instinct that forms the twin pillars upon which the structure of your dreams is based.

Think of better considerations. Pay more attention to the possibilities in your life. Do not just recognize it. Ask her. She studied. Set your instinct, your calm, and inner voice.

It is the age of the spirit. Determine how to use it effectively.

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