A Guide For Beginner Body Builders

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Here is the quick guide for you as a bodybuilding apprentice:


  • Measure your body, how many inches around your biceps, chest, etc.
  • Exercise your entire body, including your legs, so all you have to do is show your chest, as this will help build development hormone in general and bring all of your muscles together.
  • Keep in mind that we cannot receive a “six-pack” during muscle building (muscle thickening).
  • Remember to exercise your abs while maintaining this to show that the six-pack comes after a dietary regimen after reducing the layer of fat in the stomach area.
  • There is practically no way to immediately thicken the muscles (swelling) and remove fat (cut).
  • Do not try to anticipate too much, as this increases the weight by 10 kg in 1-2 months. Increases in the volume of adjustment from 0.5 to 1 pound every seven days are generally excellent.

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The diet:

  • Find out your body type to decide on your diet
  • We usually need a bodyweight of 18 calories/pound
  • Use a standard protein of 40%, 40% starch, and 20% fat. Adaptation to the needs of your body (exceptional for each individual)
  • For starches, choose complex starches instead of base sugar
  • For fats, keep a strategic distance from immersed fats and choose large fats, e.g. B. linseed, fish, nut spread or olive oil
  • Drink as much water as you would reasonably expect
  • It is wiser to have an abundance of calories than the absence, especially for the ectomorphic body type. We can also change calories if a lot of fat starts to appear when you look in the mirror

The Training:

  • Exercise each of your muscles as intensely as you would reasonably expect once a week, and don’t let them last longer than 60 minutes
  • 45-55 minutes is the window of our progress, the more the body becomes catabolic
  • Try not to feel sore muscles feeling the loss. This means that we can build similar muscles the next day. The body needs rest to develop
  • The body does not create when we prepare in the exercise center, but when we rest, you give your body time to rest
  • Try not to drive your body, exercise, eat and rest. The development will come
  • Take a full week off at regular intervals and repeat the exercises
  • Remember to lie down and warm up before training to avoid damage
  • Take about 90 to 120 seconds between sets
  • Note the good development
  • Start compound development and end separating
  • Start after 2 to 3 sets to warm up and start vigorously for a cycle, 3 sets are disappointing
  • Record your progress to determine how far our progress is being achieved

The supplement:

  • Multivitamins with sufficient nutrients C
  • Tried creatine, glutamine, and ZMA
  • Whey protein is an absolute necessity, but trying to get protein from an authentic diet is also satisfactory.

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